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Orchid contains a complete range of shampoos, conditioners, hydrators, masks, serums and oils for normal/dry, fine, coloured, dry, curly hair, and specials. The basis of each series is the ingenious Orchid Complex. The difference? The dose and concentration. Thanks to the balance test, these are fully aligned to the hair type and condition.

Orchid Balance

Normal hair is more the exception than the rule, and deserves at least as much care and attention as any other hair type. With the Orchid Complex, normal to dry hair retains its flexibility, shine and bounce. The mild care with the specially developed Balance Protein Complex supplemented with coneflower leaves the hair lastingly healthy and silkily soft. The perfect basis for every hairstyle.

Orchid Repair

An extra high concentration of the exclusive Orchid Complex is responsible for the fast repair of dry and damaged hair. The Orchid Complex not only makes the difference between dry and vibrant hair. But also between dull hair and hair with a shine, and between unmanageable and smooth hair. The addition of the active ingredients of the aloe vera plant ensures strong, smoothly falling hair.

Orchid Curl

Beautiful dream-like curls, day after day. The Orchid Curl series promises shiny, perfectly groomed curls. Frizz-free and full of bounce. For wavy, permed and frizzy hair. The unique Orchid Complex hydrates and redefines curls. The specially added bamboo extract restores natural elasticity. As if your customer had just left the salon.

Orchid Color

Coloured hair is especially vulnerable. Pigments fade, become dull, or get discoloured under the sun. The Orchid Complex protects the hair from within. A special plant-based UV filter prevents the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. The added sunflower extract has an antioxidant effect. The result? Wonderful shine and colours that last.

Orchid Fine Hair

The soft, thin hair structure poses a challenge for every hairdresser. The specially developed Fine Hair Protein Complex, supplemented with bamboo, strengthens the hair from the roots to the tips. So even fine and lifeless hair gets lush and feather-light volume. Easy-to-comb, and no split ends.

Orchid Specials

Hair sometimes needs extra care. If the scalp is sensitive or greasy, for example. Or in the case of dandruff and allergies. The Orchid Specials ensure mild cleansing and repair the hair from within. Plus, there's the specific effect of the active ingredients that feed, soothe and/or repair the scalp. The result? Strong, beautifully groomed hair and a healthy scalp.

Orchid Hair Rebuild

At Artistique, we believe that building strong hair is possible only from a healthy core. That sounds logical, but it isn't. The use of various different care and styling products leave hair increasingly saturated. They are full of substances that weight the hair down. Shine is lost and nourishing ingredients can no longer penetrate into the hair and do their work. In the meantime, these in turn create new layers and residues in the hair. The Orchid Hair Rebuild Program breaks this cycle. A special treatment for salon use designed to first remove all possible residues from the hair and balance the hair structure. You thus create for your customer the perfect basis for strong, shiny and bouncy hair.