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The Youcare range is a complete hair care concept. This unique concept is the result of innovative technology. We have created a range of fantastic hair care products on this basis. YC products tackle various hair and scalp problems such as dandruff, irritation, dull and damaged hair, hair loss and frizz. NEW: All YC products are VEGAN and contain the unique Artistique Seaweed Complex. The YC products are also available as mini’s. Perfect for testing, sample for the customer or as convenient travelsize.


Mencare. Revitalizing cleansing and noticeable freshness for hair and body every day. Conditions and provides moisture. For strong and healthy looking hair. MC products have been specially created to keep men’s hair and scalp healthy.


Immediately effective UV protection. Suncare contains UV protectors, protects hair from damaging UV rays.

It's a Magic

Discover the magic of “It’s a Magic Shampoo”, “It’s a Magic Conditioner ”and “It’s a Magic Leave-in Mist” and let this enchanting formula transform your hair for a shiny, silky, frizz-free result.


This highly concentrated formula, enriched with hydrolysed vegetable proteins, enables the Protection & Healing system to repair and strengthen seriously damaged hair, or to prevent extra damage to the hair during the coloring process.



Orchid contains a complete range of shampoos, conditioners, hydrators, masks, serums and oils for normal/dry, fine, coloured, dry, curly hair, and specials. The basis of each series is the ingenious Orchid Complex. The difference? The dose and concentration. Thanks to the balance test, these are fully aligned to the hair type and condition.

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