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Arti Shades

Sensational shades from Artistique. The perfect glossing.
Arti Shades Gloss Colors from Artistique provide beautiful shine, natural shades and sensational colour results. Ideal for all the latest trending techniques such as babylights, colour melting and balayage. The specially developed Arti Shades Activators make it particularly easy to use: there is one for quick application and one for precise application.

Experience and Seasons

Experience and Seasons, our permanent and semi permanent hair color. A perfect synergy system with remarkable color stability, exceptional radiance and hair care. The Artistique color system offers you natural colors. It allows you to exercise your creative capacity without guesswork.

Men Colors

The best way for natural men to hide grey hair. The most nourishing and natural coverage in a cream formula, no block colors, and it reduces grey by up to 60%. The colors range from dark brown to mid-blond. The end result is natural camouflage that’s easy to maintain. The range contains a special, perfectly composed colour activator.

Experience Mencolor

Men Hair Color gives hair optimal shine and nourishment, and the cream formula means it’s really easy to use whether at the styling chair or at the basin. Leave for 20 minutes for 60% grey coverage with a natural ash tint, or for 30 minutes for 80% grey coverage. Fades naturally, with no block coloring.

100 ml.


Experience Activators 2% - 4% - 6% - 9% - 12% and Seasons Activators are a special conditioning cream developer with stability complex. The cream developer gives optimum results in combination with Experience hair color.

No Yellow

Thanks to its high concentration of pigments, this highly concentrated gentle shampoo mattifies and neutralises the base color as well as deeply cleansing all blonde residues.

Beach Blonde

Beach Blonde. The ultimate ammonia-free bleaching concept. Artistique has developed a complete product range especially for blonde-colored hair. Blonde-colored hair deserves care and color maintenance. Artistique has unique products to care for blonde-colored hair in its Beach Blonde range.

Freak Direct Colors

Freak Direct Colors come in different colors and can be mixed together. If you want a pastel shade or to lighten the color, you can mix Freak Direct Colors with the Blanc Toner. Freak Direct Colors are ready to use.

Freak Direct Colors

The best results are obtained on porous hair, by applying a blonde rinse or bleach.Do not use conditioner or conditioning shampoo before the treatment. Bleach the hair to at least a light blonde color.

135 ml - 250 ml.

Refresh Color Shampoo

Nourishing shampoo, developed to allow all hair colors to shimmer and give them a wonderful shine. It revilatises and enhances the color of natural and colored hair. Refresh Color Shampoo comes in five colors: Red/Violet, Copper, Red, Fuchsia and Brown.

Refresh Color Shampoo

Refresh Color Shampoos are convenient and easy to use; ideal for using at home or in the salon. Swapping a traditional shampoo once a week for Refresh Color Shampoo is all that’s needed to revive your hair color.

200 ml.