Color Refresh Shampoo

Color Refresh Shampoo, let your hair shimmer and shine!

To allow all hair colours to shimmer and give them a wonderful shine, Artistique has developed nourishing Refresh Color Shampoo. It revilatises and enhances the colour of natural and coloured hair.

Refresh Color Shampoo comes in five different colours:

  • Red/Violet
  • Copper
  • Red
  • Fuchsia
  • Brown

The colour pigments in the formula provide a gorgeous colour and an intense result. What’s more, the anti-fade complex protects the hair colour and enhances the shine.

Artistique Refresh Color Shampoos are convenient and easy to use; ideal for using at home or in the salon.

Swapping a traditional shampoo once a week for Refresh Color Shampoo is all that’s needed to revive your hair colour. Depending on the required effect, allow the product to absorb for 5 to 10 minutes.